Scam Alert

Don’t be Misled by imposters!

In the recent years, many web sites have popped up selling gift certificates for skydiving. They appear to be representing a skydiving center in your local area and make wild claims that they have hundreds of skydiving schools across the country and you are dealing with the reservation center for all of them. The truth is that there is no nationally owned chain of skydiving schools. They are nothing more than an internet and telemarketing company adding additional markup and confusion to a fairly straight forward process. An alert consumer will notice that these services have multiple web sites that look very similar, are very general in their information and they all steer you to a call center in a Southern state. They will not tell you their location, but will say, yes we have a skydiving center near you. Their web sites have names that sound like they should be a skydiving school local to a major city or state, but they look very much like several hundred other web sites with similar sounding names.

There are MANY sites doing this, such as THIS IS NOT A REAL SKYDIVING OUTFIT, and it certainly is NOT US. Click on the “About Us” on any of these sites to find a real address.

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