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Tandem skydiving is an amazing way for first time jumpers to experience the thrill and freedom of freefall. It exposes first-time jumpers to the skydiving routine with minimal expectations from the student.

You are physically attached to your instructor and your parachute at 4 points by a harness and connectors built to FAA TSO specifications. Because of the tandem harness setup, you will need only a brief amount of training before making your first skydive.

Just like learning to drive a car, or fly an airplane, dual instruction (Tandem) is the best way to experience your first skydive, and progress to jumping solo being able to communicate during your practical experience.

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On the Ground

Prior to your jump, there is a very brief process to go over the basics such as a short video regarding safety rules and then some basic paperwork. You will be introduced to one of our USPA certified instructors as part of this process. After a short briefing you and your instructor will “gear up” and head to the plane!

In the Plane

The first part of the excitement is the plane ride up where you will get to enjoy a plane ride miles above the ground. Once you are at altitude the pilot will turn onto “jump run”. This means he will fly over the drop zone.

The Jump

When the door opens you are seconds away from the thrill of your life! You and your instructor will make your way to the open door, and with a “Ready…Set…GO!” you will exit the plane and begin experiencing what few have only dreamed of…FLYING YOUR BODY! You will experience the excitement and at the same time peacefulness of freefall!

Under Canopy

When the parachute opens, the rush and roar of the wind settles to a gentle breeze. During this time your instructor will brief you on the landing procedures. The parachute flight lasts around five minutes or so and can be shortened or lengthened depending on your “need for speed”. This is achieved by having your instructor demonstrate the high performance attributes of a modern parachute, or having him fly you down nice and mellow to maximize your canopy time!


Contrary to popular believe, landings have become very smooth and easy because of the massive strides and advancements in parachute technology. The old days of brutal and hard landings went away with along with the old and out-dated round parachute. All of Skydive Idaho’s “rigs” (parachute packs) include two modern parachutes, a main and a reserve, as well as a computer controlled automatic activation device (AAD). The AAD will activate the reserve parachute should an instructor be unable to. This is all part of what allows for safe, and fun landings! Skydive Idaho uses current and state of the art technology for all of their gear and not just some. Your enjoyment and safety are paramount to us!

Make your reservation now and see what it’s all about!